Regarding First Post

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my new author website! I’m really excited about this next step in my author life, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my work.

Check out News & Events on the website for information about all author/book news. Please sign up for my e-newsletter as well. Subscribers will be the first to see cover reveals, learn of book release dates, giveaways, and more. Over time they will also receive special bonuses for staying on the list. Having all of that delivered right to your email!

In this blog I will talk about my #writerslife, some things I learn from the #writingcommunity, and my experiences as an author. Books, and bookish things. Occasionally I may also discuss movies, TV shows, or books from other authors. I will write a blog once a month, unless multiple book events are taking place then I may blog extra depending.

If you’d like to send me a question, or comment message you may do so using the Contact tab on my website. Or through social media. I’m really friendly and always glad to hear from you; my readers, fellow authors, artists and the like. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for your support as always! 🙂

Happy Writing!