Regarding A Book Reveal – The Zinnia Queen

The Zinnia Queen Final

In the barren kingdom of Saimora, history lies and the Zinnia Queen reigns.

During each of the last hundred years, a handful of women received magic at birth—an uncommon gift among the people of Saimora. Since the first Zinnia Queen, all queens who follow take her name. When the current sovereign dies, another is chosen from those with magic to become the next Zinnia Queen. The face of each one who dons the crystal crown vanishes, and is replaced by a cold and cruel visage.

Clara, a young woman with the strongest magical abilities aside from that of the Zinnia Queen, works in the outer palace libraries as a scroll keeper. One day, while frantically searching through scrolls to aid the Healers, Clara’s touch gives her a vision: there is more to the past than history tells.

But it is forbidden to question anything in Saimora. Clara must be careful not to draw attention to her suspicions or it could mean death to her and anyone who helps her.

When the horrifying day comes that she is chosen as the next queen, Clara is ripped from her hidden world of scrolls and ink, and faced with a fate worse than death. Clara fears she will lose herself and become a tyrant queen like each of her predecessors.

But wait, whose voice is that in the dark?


 Hi Readers!

So I have some news today at last to share with you as you saw above, my newest book reveal – THE ZINNIA QUEEN! Do you like it? Pretty cover, isn’t it? *can’t help but be giddy*

The Zinnia Queen is my first story that is completely set in a fantasy world. I came up with the story last fall, and after careful note taking with every new idea and character development, I started writing it in January and finished in March. Next I gotta have some awesome hired beta readers take a look at it with me, and after we’re done working on it together I’m going to do something new and serialize it on instead of publishing it this year!

I think Wattpad, and maybe another site just like it, will be a good start for it. One new chapter every week, starting SEPTEMBER 2017. When every chapter has been published online for you to enjoy for free, I will publish this gem like normal, professionally edited and all in e-book and print formats come 2018, with bonuses inside!

I really love this story, it just poured out of me while I wrote it. I hope you love reading it as much as I did writing it. Please add to your Goodreads shelves and share on social media when you get the chance. 😉

How have the last two months been for you? I hope they’ve been great and that it hasn’t been too gloomy of weather for you. Sorry I’ve been absent from blogging, I’m never really good at it. Do you follow Instagram? I’m more active there to be honest. But I’ve mostly been working away at things with my writing while being a family person, busy as always. But I’m doing well!

Until next time, and thank you for sticking with me during this beginning period of my writing career. XOXO


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