Regarding A Book Release – A Bell Sound Everlasting


I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer? I can’t believe September is just a day away (wow) and so much is coming up! Sorry that I’m still not much for blogging at the moment, maybe I’ll get the hang of it later on. As of right now I just don’t have any time as a full-time mother, wife, writer, and artist. I especially have a lot of plans and projects going on with the writing and art departments, so all my “extra” time must go to them for now. Once a large bulk of it is accomplished I think I’ll finally be able to relax enough to blog and take things easier. (I’m really too serious and over critical when it comes to myself.) Thanks so much for sticking with me and understanding!


A Bell Sound Everlasting has finally been re-released! The transformation from novella to full-length novel has been a long yet wonderful and hardworking experience for me, and I hope you’ll enjoy the result as well. The several POVs came together and filled in the story just as I hoped. I’m so glad I went back, fixed it up, and told the full story in more detail this time.

I’m excited to write Marian Murran (the next book in the trilogy) which is a story I thought of within the same year but before A Bell Sound Everlasting. The plot is exciting and I love it even more! -However, the third and final book will follow Evey again, to dive into her future after A Bell Sound Everlasting’s events. It’s all fantastical and multi-genre for sure, so if you like a whirlwind of a story then you’ll definitely get that from these books.- (I actually have no idea what to name this trilogy yet. I’ll have to take some time to think about it.)

I plan on including some artwork in the print edition when it comes out sometime next year. While busy with other things, I often sit and imagine how each page will look, exactly where the art will be placed, and connecting everything beautifully. (I daydream a ton as both a writer and an artist, and so my family is always asking if I’m all right since I’m stuck in some sort of zoned out trance, haha!) So it’ll be another wonderful day when I get to hold that print copy in my hand and see some of both the words and art of my imagination intertwined.

Well, I’ll be going now. As always, thank you so much for reading! ❤ Have a wonderful rest of the week. Until next time! – J.Z.N. McCauley

A Bell Sound Everlasting is live! The $0.99 pricing will remain for a limited time so be sure to get it soon! Click here for purchase links.


 In case you missed it before, here’s the synopsis:

Heart-wrenching tragedies, a perilous uprising, and one impossible choice.

As a professional pianist, it is only in music that Evelyn Bell allows herself to let go of reality. After the loss of her parents, Evey struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder and remains fixated on an echo of the past—until her life is turned upside down once more during a symphony performance. Trapped within a vision, she locks eyes with a mysterious young man. Without answers, she is quickly returned to her piano bench center stage as time literally stops around her.

Ailis is a woman of the Celts, and the daughter of a chief, whose clan means everything to her. She yearns to be strong like her father and to protect her people from invaders. When she loses her brother on his wedding day it is only the beginning of many scars on her heart. With help from the other clans, she tries to keep her father’s alliance alive long enough to strengthen the nations and save them all. As their leader, Ailis must let go of her grief and remember her warrior path, but will she be able to protect her people against all odds?

In this compelling tale of two women separated by centuries, Evey and Ailis will seek answers, fight for their freedom, and embark on a journey of self-discovery through memories and strife where they must learn to embrace loss, change, and their true destiny.


 Some of the praise for this revised and full-length version:

“When the connection was finally made it was so beautiful! …Honestly, this was the best fight scene I’ve ever read. I felt the adrenaline and I also felt the fear and the desire to live.” – AS TOLD BY TINA (BLOG), BETA REVIEW.

This was a love story that transcended time. Separately, we read the three main character’s thoughts, then they all come together and the book makes perfect sense. As you’re reading, you know that everything will beautifully come into place, and it does! As I read, I felt myself totally being drawn into the story. The words were wonderfully crafted and the dialogue was believable. To have a love wait for you for centuries is quite a romantic idea! Excellent choice to plot a book by ♡” – GOODREADS REVIEW.

What I want to say is that this book was amazing. Each character and time flows so well. Ailis and Evelyn are different, but the same. They both lose someone close and are in pain from it. I could almost imagine Evelyn’s piano playing. Every moment of reading pulled me in further. So good, and so want everyone to read!” – AMAZON REVIEW.

This was an interesting story about finding yourself. It was interestingly written, and you do become invested in the characters. The writing is beautiful. I’m excited to see what else this author has in store for us.” – AMAZON REVIEW.



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