• “Atmospheric and intriguing. What a great story!” –Josephine O’Brien, Author of Shared Skies, an Award Winning Sci-fi YA.
  •  “The romance was sweet and the plot twists kept me captivated. The imagination that came into play by the author in creating this original tale was fantastic.” -Aimee McNeil, Author of the Distortion Series.
  • Let me tell you, McCauley is not afraid to kill her darlings and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.” -Cassidy Taylor, Author of The Mondragon Chronicles. See more of Cassidy’s mini review on her website.

  • “Oak and Mistletoe by J.Z.N. McCauley is a story reminiscent of fairy tales. Catherine and her siblings, Danny and Kathleen, take a trip to Ireland to celebrate her college graduation. During their vacation, two significant events occur: Catherine receives an offer to work at a museum and their Uncle Mickey is murdered. Two years later, Catherine is living in Ireland with her siblings taking up residence with her after their lives don’t pan out the way they expected. Mysterious Bowen arrives with a warning. “Leave Ireland or they will be set free.” Catherine interprets the warning as hatred or even insanity. When tragedy strikes, Catherine understands the truth of his warning and the magic hidden within her.Oak and Mistletoe has all the elements of a fairy tale. It has the magic and wonder of the Irish myths. Ancient ageless druids are only the beginning. It has a villain insane from tragedy. He’s unlikable yet sympathized with through Bowen. There’s the dashing prince charming type. Bowen can’t stand the thought of letting anyone suffer. There’s the humorous side character of her brother. There’s even a tragedy that propels her into the world. Oak and Mistletoe is perfect for a younger audience, but anyone who loves a good fairy tale will enjoy it. The magic is real, but is not the heart of the story. Catherine must find the magic within her in order to survive and save her loved ones. It’s a story of different types of magic, the magic of self-discovery, love, loyalty, and belief. Oak and Mistletoe is charming, fun, and magical.” -Reviewed ★★★★ by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite


  • “When the connection was finally made it was so beautiful! …Honestly, this was the best fight scene I’ve ever read. I felt the adrenaline and I also felt the fear and the desire to live.” – AS TOLD BY TINA
  • “Lyrical? Poetic? You be the judge. McCauley is a new indie author who has penned a lovely story that is not only mystical but transportive. This appealing tale will startle you with some beautiful prose and pull you into a spiritually allegorical experience. The sea of self-published books sometimes contains gems – this is one! A Bell Sound Everlasting is less than one hundred pages, easily read in one sitting, but not easily read only once. This is a book to be poured over again, and again.” – Samyann, Author of Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation. See Review on Her Blog